Dear Mr. Hathaway and staff of Mountain Landscape,

The PTA, faculty, parents and children of Netcong Elementary School do not know how to adequately thank you for your generous and tremendous support in the planning and installation of our new outdoor classroom and its surrounding gardens.    The degree of enthusiasm, dedication and focus you devoted to our project was more than any of us could have ever hoped for.
Your vision for the center was fresh and imaginative and you built a very artistic yet functional outdoor center for Netcong Elementary School.    You really created a very special place for our children.
We were all so impressed that you brought all the elements for our project together so quickly, including so many generous donations of various materials from your business contacts. You and your staff were a pleasure to work with and we never could have done this without  you.
We remain so impressed that you have continued to be engaged in the project as a consultant in the future development of the Netcong Outdoor Classroom and Gardens.  This center is such an enhancement and source of pride for our school.
Thank you again for your thorough professionalism and kind generosity.