Hi Bob,

Here is my recommendation! Please feel free to request some edits if necessary:

I started working with Bob Hathaway and Mountain Landscape in 1993! At first we engaged him just to mow the lawn and do the spring and fall clean-ups.    But there's something you need to know about Bob …he's extremely knowledgable about plants, trees and flowers and what it takes to make them thrive …and what destroys them … much more than any other landscaper we have ever used in our moves across the country and in New Jersey.    He doesn't just "mow and blow" as most lawn companies do.    He either knows what insects are destroying your trees or will work with university experts to find out what they are and the best method to handle them.    But it's rare when he doesn't know something. One consultant actually said to me "You had someone else put that mulch down for you, didn't you? Bob Hathaway at Mountain Landscape would never use that kind of mulch in your yard because of what it does to the plants. " Indeed, I learned my lesson! Furthermore, Bob has integrity and takes the long view toward getting your property in the best shape possible; he works with you to    the perfect landscaping and then breaks it down into smaller, financially do-able parts.    Then he lets you comfortably decide when to do which part.
Other companies push you to do it all and only seem interested in getting their money now, this summer.    Now, we look to Bob for all of our landscaping needs, not just lawn maintenance, including irrigation, building stone walls and installing drains. As a result our property is stunningly beautiful    immensely practical for our family! I highly recommend Bob Hathaway and Mountain Landscape without any reservations whatsoever!